Cover photo

A picture says more than a 1000 words. Therefore it is important that your growers page looks good. To pimp your grower page, you just click on your profile picture. Then click on ‘my page’. On your page you can see your assortment. Just like Facebook it is also possible to add a cover photo to FloraXchange. You can add your cover photo by clicking ‘edit cover photo’ on your grower page.

Photo albums

On your page it is also possible to show photo albums. For example you can add a photo album of a trade fair, but also a specific theme like Mother’s Day or Easter. You can add a photo album on this page by clicking on the button ‘add’. Give a title to your photo album and then you can add photos. The photo album will be visible on your own FloraXhange page.

Merel Prins

Written by Merel Prins

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